Frequently Asked Questions

After my own wedding and 10+ years of experience working as a photographer, I know a thing or two about weddings. I always strive to not only be a photographer but a resource for my clients! Find some answers to the most frequently asked questions that I get about myself, my business, and weddings below!

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How do I know which wedding photographer to choose?

A.I want you to be excited, happy, and comfortable with your choice of me as your photographer. With choosing a wedding photographer, it is all about fit! For my wedding, my wife and I found it helpful to use the following questions and tips as a guide (and my other clients have found them helpful to follow as well!):

1. Do I fit within your budget?
2. Do you trust me to represent your image of your wedding style and story?
3. Have you viewed my entire gallery and LOVED what you saw?
4. What is the lighting like at your venue?
5. Try using the engagement photo session as a trial!
6. Ask me about my approach to wedding photography! Ask me ALL the questions you need to so that you can be certain of your choice!
7. Ensure my schedule for the event and deliverables matches with yours.
8. Let's make sure we vibe! Call me when you are ready to test this out!

My partner hates taking photos. What do I do? How do I get them excited about wedding or engagement photos?

A.I pride myself on having worn and being able to wear many hats at a time. Growing up, I played college football, was in a band, and was working as a photographer on the side, so I have much practice of being many people at once ahaha. My job is to make everyone comfortable so that we can capture the raw and true moments of your wedding day! I will show up ready to kick it with the bros, to laugh with the aunts, and to get your cousins in line for the family photos.

Photography is not only about taking and editing pictures. It is about curating and creating experiences that people enjoy and then being able to capture and represent those moments forever!

When will I receive my images?

A.The time typically depends on the season and the amount of images you have ordered. I always try my best to send my couples a preview that they can wake up to on their first morning as a married couple!

I wanted to work with a female photographer.

A.I know that some people have preference on working with a female or male photographer. I understand and take no offense! This is your day! Luckily. I can partner you with another female photographer on my team. If you are choosing a package that has 2 photographers, she will act as my second. Otherwise, she will be the main photographer, and I will still do all the editing on the photos after!

My wedding is not in Chicago. Would you be willing to travel?

A.Yes! I would love to travel to your wedding. I also have a team of incredible photographers that are based all over the US, so we might have someone who is local as well (if you select a package with multiple photographers).

I am interested in a package that is not listed. Is this possible?

A.Of course it is! Just give me a call at +1 (708) 359-2086, and we will work something out!

Do you and your team have a certain photography style?

A.Together, my team and I share the common goal to make our style, your style. I recommend that you take a look at my gallery to really see how we shape our photography style to your unique wedding experience!

Do you edit all your own photos?

A.Yes! My best friend has me on a schedule to slow the squint lines!!

Every images that you receive in your package has been hand-edited, one by one, by me personally so that you can get the best results! I do this so that I can be sure to provide you with images that are specific to YOUR wedding story and style.

Where can I get a second opinion on your services?

A.I have a full page of testimonials which I am constantly updating so you can hear from my most recent clients. You can also check out my clients reviews on the Knot, Wedding Wire, and Phillip Gregory Photography's Facebook page!

What is the best way to get into contact with you?

A.By phone! My number is +1 (708) 359-2086.