Working Together

The beauty of a wedding photographer

Working with a wedding photographer should be a collaboration. The first thing that I like to do ALWAYS is understand what my clients are looking for not only day of but after. How do you want to remember your day? Then, we get to planning. We collaborate on ways in which we can create beautiful moments day of as well as long-lasting memories for the rest of your happy lives together.

Step 1

No matter how you contact me (through the contact us page, the knot, wedding wire, email, text, or just call), I will always recommend that we get on the phone or a zoom call together. I want us to get to know each other before we confirm our collaboration.

Step 2

Once you have chosen me as your wedding photographer, let's talk about how your wedding vision can come to life. Are you looking for a grand display of love or something more subtle? What kind of family photos do you want?

In light of many COVID-19 restrictions, weddings are becoming ever increasingly smaller, which makes the wedding photos some people's only connection to the day. Let's talk about how you want your grandparents or cousins to feel when they see your pictures. Then, I will make that dream come to life.

Step 3

The day of. The wedding photographer's role at the wedding is essential, however that does not mean it seen as such. Given my background, I will take on the role that the day, you, and your family need. This means channeling my college-football self when we need to round up your family or taking a step back to observe and being whatever needs to be done to make sure that you and your partner feel comfortable, happy, and loved on the day of your wedding.